“Bonolit Group” is the largest in Russia enterprise which unites plants-leaders in production of autoclaved aerated concrete (8 production lines of autoclave hardening cellular concrete in the Moscow, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Dmitrov, Kaluga and Belgorod regions), and also enterprises for production and processing of nonmetallic materials:

  • OJSC «Bonolit - Construction solutions»;
  • LLC «DSK "GRAS-Kaluga»;
  • LLC «EKO-Zoloprodukt Ryazan»;
  • LLC «Poritep NN»;
  • CJSC «Aerobel»;
  • JSC «AeroStone»
  • CJSC «Kasimovnerud».
  • Number of employees is more than 1 000 people.
  • Production volume is more than 2,4 million m3 per year.
  • In the Central Federal district, Bonolit Group’s aerated concrete market share is more than 35%.
  • Bonolit Group is one of the three largest producers of autoclaved aerated concrete in Europe.

Farhad Ismayilov
CEO Bonolit Group

The plant for production of PORITEP aerated autoclaved concrete was launched in the Ryazan region in 2013.

This production line became the only one in Russia which produces reinforced concrete products on an industrial scale that provides import substitution of construction materials supplied from Europe and integrated solutions for deliveries to construction sites of the Russian Federation.

Information about LLC “EKO-Zoloprodukt Ryazan”:

  • Location: Novomichurinsk, the Ryazan region
  • Put into operation - 2013
  • Design capacity – 285 thou m3/year
  • Capacity utilization - 100%
  • Production line – Wehrhahn (Germany)
  • Number of employees - 150

In 2014, a new enterprise in the Moscow Region joined the Group.

The only producer which supplies Russian aerated concrete market with the widest line of unique products which represent complex system of housing construction is.

Annual production volume makes it possible to build about 900 thousand square meters of housing.

Information about OJSC “Bonolit - Construction solutions“:

  • Location: Staraya Kupavna, Moscow region
  • Put into operation - 2014
  • Design capacity – 650 thou. m3/year
  • Capacity utilization - 100%
  • Production line- HESS AAC Systems B.V (Holland)
  • Number of employees - 339

In 2015, the PORITEP plant was built in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Production is focused on the market of the Volga Federal district.

Annual production volume makes it possible to build about 190 thousand square meters of housing

Information about OJSC “Poritep NN”:

  • Location: Bogorodsk, Nizhny Novgorod region
  • Put into operation - 2015
  • Design capacity - 145 thou. M3/year
  • Capacity utilization - 100%
  • Production line – Wehrhahn Plus (Germany)
  • Number of jobs created - 118

In 2016, a plant of Maloyaroslavets in the Kaluga Region joined the Group. The enterprise capacity will allow production of up to 420 thousand cubic meters of blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete per year.

Annual volume of production makes it possible to build about 540 thousand square meters of housing.

Information about LLC ООО “DSK "GRAS-Kaluga“:

  • The Kaluga region, Maloyaroslavetc
  • The plant is build using technology of German Wehrhahn company (Germany).
  • Production capacity – 420 thou. m3 autoclaved aerated concrete per year.
  • Own Technopark – showroom of 4 houses operates on the basis of the plant.
  • Number of jobs created– 147

In 2018, the Aerobel plant in the Belgorod Region merged with the Group of Companies. The enterprise capacity will allow production of up to 350 thousand cubic meters of blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete per year.

Production is intended for markets of: the Belgorod, Kursk, Orel regions.

Annual volume of production makes it possible to build about 500 thousand square meters of housing.

Information about CJSC “Aerobel”:

  • The Belgorod region, Belgorod
  • The plant is built using technology of German Masa Henke company (Germany).
  • Production capacity – 350 thou. m3 of autoclaved aerated concrete per year.
  • Own showroom is operated on the basis of the plant

In 2018, Bonolit Group made a decision to revive the enterprise in Elektrostal, Moscow Region (BUILD FAST TECHNOLOGY, LLC). The Group of Companies faced a difficult task to restore 2 technological lines.

As a result, in the same year, the 1st line was restored and put into operation, and the 2nd line of the enterprise will start operation in May 2019.

The launch of the plant allowed Bonolit Group to organize more than 200 jobs. The annual production volume will make it possible to build about 900 thousand square meters of housing.

In 2019, a plant of in the Dmitrov Region joined the Group. The enterprise capacity will allow production of up to 400 thousand cubic meters of blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete per year.

Aerostone is Russia's largest modern enterprise producing a wide range of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks with a density of 400 to 600 kg / m3.

AeroStone aerated concrete blocks are manufactured on the latest equipment from the world's leading manufacturer - Masa-Henke (Germany).

Brands of bonolit group

The “Formula of Heat" line of products is an ideal integrated solution for construction of your energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and up-to-date house which will turn the construction into a quick and easy process.

The "Formula of Heat" includes following advanced products:
- Aerated concrete blocks Bonolit 40 with density D400 and D500, thickness of 400 mm, designed specifically for private housing.

- U-blocks are designed for rapid construction of a solid monolithic flanges. Due to ease of installation and precise geometric dimensions, time for production of a monolithic flange using U-blocks decreases by 3 times.

- Polyurethane “Formula of Heat" adhesive Bonolit is designed for constructio\n of external and internal walls and it enables thin seams with a thickness of less than 1 mm in the Bonolit 40 masonry. 1 cylinder replaces 2 bags of standard cement mortar.

- Reinforced aerated concrete lintels are light and warm substitute for reinforced concrete ones. Products are produced on an industrial scale at the cutting edge equipment which does not have analogues in Europe and Russia.

The main element of the "Formula of Heat" system is a unique system of interaction with the client. We are in permanent interaction, from the order to delivery to the construction site.

Contacts with customer

Standard designs of houses as a gift.

Technical support for calculation of structural units of the future construction and selection of material.

Training at Bonolit Academy. Even if the client is not going to build a house with his own hands, understanding of the rules of work with the material will give confidence of the construction correctness.

Operational logistics 24/7.
On-site visit of expert-demonstrator for a thematic master class on a specific client construction site
Technical supervision of the quality of works with aerated concrete products on the client construction site.
Services of the construction companies recommended by Bonolit Group which know all features of work with aerated concrete, favorable and simple process.

D600 grade is used to construct breastplates and internal partitions of high strength. The blocks can be used for mounting suspended facades that can withstand wind loads.

D500 – this material is used for construction of large houses up to 3 floors, and it can be used together with reinforced concrete floors. It can be called the main material for construction of load-bearing walls and partitions in low-rise construction. It has an optimal combination of structural and thermal insulation properties and its density is equal to the density of square-sawn or whole timber.

D400 is a kind of structural and thermal insulation materials. It is suitable for low-rise construction up to 2 floors and for high-rise construction using monolithic construction technology to fill the walls without additional thermal insulation.

D300 - this material is widely used in monolithic construction technology to fill the walls, and it is also applicable for construction of external load-bearing walls of low-rise one-storey buildings. The material has excellent thermal insulation properties and there is no need for additional insulation of structures.

Thermal insulation blocks D200 are used for external or internal insulation of bearing wall made of aerated concrete and other materials. Thermal conductivity of D200 insulation is similar to that of mineral wool and polystyrene insulation materials. In addition to thermal insulation, the material will provide sound protection of the building. It is also recommended to use the material for heat and sound insulation at building attics, roofs and screeded floors.

D200 material will not be compacted under its own weight and it does not change its original dimensions at influence of thermal or atmospheric conditions. The material is practically not subject to deformation, so it does not require frequent current repairs.

Technical indicators of BONOLIT D200:
Average density -200 kg/m3
Compressive strength - more than 0.5 MPa
Vapor permeability coefficient - not more than 0.3 mg/(m•h•PA)
Dry thermal conductivity 0.048 W/(m2*C°),
Dimension range: 600*250*75, 600*250*200, 600*250*100, 600*250*150, 600*300*200

Reinforced products

Reinforced concrete breastplates are designed to cover window and door openings in buildings and structures for various purposes. Actually they are power structures that take on a vertical load. Breastplates are made of autoclave hardening cellular concrete with average density of D500 and D600.

Dimensions of breastplates

Length (L) from 1200 to 3000 mm
Height (H) 250 mm
Width (B) from 100 to 300 mm
Density D500–D600

Reinforced aerated concrete wall panels are the largest aerated concrete products in Russia
Small width of the panel makes it universal and allows building partitions of various types and layouts, which is almost impossible with large-panel house building. The panels are applied for: inter-apartment and interior partitions, office partitions, walls in rooms with high humidity, bearing walls of industrial buildings, fences. Wall panels are made of cellular concrete of autoclave hardening on average density D600.

Dimensions of the wall panels

Thickness (L) from 100 to 200 mm
Height (H) from 2500 to 3000 mm for customized
orders up to 6000 mm
Width (B) from 300 to 600 mm
Density D500–D600

Polyurethane mortar in the cylinder

High-quality polyurethane mortar is intended for thin-seam block laying at construction of external and internal walls. It eliminates cold bridges. Improved thermal insulation characteristics are achieved due to the structure that prevents penetration of water, water vapor, air, as well as low thermal conductivity of the compound.

Advantages of "Formula of heat" polyurethane mortar (Foam adhesive):

reduced labour intensity and increased labour productivity;
absence of cold bridges, ensuring thermal homogeneity of walls;
excellent adhesion to the surface of aerated concrete blocks;
a wide range of application temperatures from -10°C to +30°C;
no industrial waste, dust and leakages

Supplementary products

Adhesive mortar. High-quality adhesive grout is intended for thin-seam block laying at building of exterior and interior walls. Weight of a bag is 25 kg.

Gypsum plaster. It is designed specifically for interior walls made of Bonolit materials and has almost identical vapor permeability. The plaster layer thickness is more than 2 mm. Weight of a bag is 30 kg.

Trowel. It is used for uniform and economical application of thin-layer (2-3 mm) adhesive grout onto horizontal, vertical and complex surfaces. For quick and accurate grout application, use of trowels with the width equal to the width of the block is recommended: 10 cm/ 20 cm/ 30 cm/ 37.5 cm/ 40 cm.

Wall chaser. It is used for cutting channels and grooves when laying wiring, pipes and reinforced blocks. Length – 470 mm, depth – 50 mm.

Leveling rough file. The tool is used to eliminate irregularities at the blocks joints occurred at poor masonry quality.

Angle steel. Ensures accurate cutting of blocks and right angle cuts. Length - 280 mm, width – 250 mm, depth – 230 mm.

Hand saw-hacksaw. Saw-hacksaw made of hard alloy with diamond treatment of toothed tips is designed for fast and accurate block cutting, creating non-standard blocks, projections and architectural elements. Length of the saw blade – 70 cm.

Mallet. Rubber mallet is used for laying Bonolit blocks. The mallet head width is 55 mm. Length of the head is 100 mm.

Carriage. It allows uniform dosing the adhesive grout and provides uniform thickness of the seam on straight horizontal surfaces The carriage width corresponds to the width of the Bonolit blocks that ensures quick and accurate application of the grout: 30 cm/ 37.5 cm/ 40 cm.

Abrasive Board. The tool is used to eliminate minor irregularities in the block masonry.